Ivan Lamon visits NoArts!

Ivan Lamon is back in the studio this week.
He specialized in mandalas, as well as works in the Polynesian, ornamental and neo-traditional style.

His work can be found on Instagram.

If you want to contact him, click here.

Video Workshop with Dave Movies

Today there was a video editing course for Ralf by David Kirsch aka Dave Movies.
Dave is passionate about the medium of film and has been around for years.
He is an enthusiastic Youtuber and is at the start of our Youtube Channels with words and deeds to the side.

Here you can find Daves work:
Youtube | Facebook

NoArts! Youtube Channel:

Black and grey seminar

Ralf will give a Black and Gray seminar on Tattoo Ink Explosion by Tattoo veteran Andy Schmidt.

How you can participate, you can read here.