If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us by email, phone or drop by personally .

Appointment scheduling for Ralf

Please complete the contact form, which can be found on Ralf’s page during appointment scheduling
You have to be 18 years of age in order to apply.
The processing time for your requests can take approximately 2 – 3 weeks.
During this time, we will generally contact you by phone, so be on the lookout for a call from us.

Unfortunately we cannot make any reservations without a down payment in the amount of 100,- EUR/ appointment, which will be honored toward the final cost of your tattoo.
Please bear in mind that when requesting an appointment with Ralf to only consider black and grey tattoos, also, certain motifs (clocks, feathers, compasses etc.) are not part of his area of expertise.
Please keep this in mind, just in case your motif is being rejected.
Reminder: Filling out and sending the form does not guarantee an appointment.
In case you couldn’t grab a slot this time around just try again next time.

Important information for your appointment

Contact us at the latest two weeks prior to your tattoo appointment so that we can arrange a final meeting.
In case of cancellation of your appointment within 48 hours prior to the actual date, the down payment will be retained as compensation.
Please plan enough time for your tattoo appointment. Don’t rush or come to our studio if you have any time constraints.
The tattoo artist will specify break times during the tattooing process. This time will also benefit your skin as well as your tattoo and is part of the process of tattooing. However, should you experience pain or discomfort, you can always request a break at any time.
In case several sessions are necessary, please be advised that there is a required time span of at least 6 weeks inbetween sessions.
Please stop by our studio prior to a follow-up appointment, so that we can assess the healing situation of your tattoo. Alternatively, in case you live long distance away, send us photos by email.
If you arrive late for your appointment, the time delay will be counted as tattoo time.

The question of all questions: How much will my tattoo cost?

It’s understandable that you would like to know the exact cost of your tattoo, however, that’s too sweeping a question, because the price depends on many different factors such as size, reference or design, position on the body, the condition you’re in that day…..etc….
If we already know the theme you have in mind and the part of the body you want it applied to, we can give you an estimate.

We only accept cash, no paymant by card.