TAT-FAT was created in 1.5 years of development together with a pharmacist friend.

It can be used both during tattooing, as well as tattoo care. The pharmacy-quality ingredients are pesticide-free and 100% pure.

TAT- FAT is tuned so that it does not reopen the skin during the healing process, but leaves a protective film. We all know this problem, especially around the areas of the tattoo that have been worked on for a long time or where a lot of pigment has been applied.

TAT-FAT does not form a thick layer of cream during tattooing, which gets in between the needles and has a negative impact on the inkflow. It has a cleansing effect when applied during tattooing, so there is less need to wipe with paper towel, thereby reducing skin irritation.

TAT-FAT is deliberately a little harder than other creams. This creates a smaller layer of thickness, minimizing the risk of overcreaming and swelling during the healing process.

TAT-FAT does not seal the surface of the skin, but allows the skin to breathe.

TAT-FAT is without preservatives and reduced to only necessary and essential ingredients. This way the wound healing process is not intensified unnecessarily and increased removal of color during healing is prevented.

Body heat makes TAT-FAT very soft and supple, ideal for the care of a fresh tattoo.

TAT- FAT is a high quality tattoo product MADE IN GERMANY.

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